Anne Lise Kaaby Aas


"Art has been a visual language for me since childhood. It is a need within me that drives me to paint. It gives me a great satisfaction to see beautiful colors and lines appear in front of my eyes. Painting is like music to me, and my brush takes me on a rhythmical journey to a finished work of art.

I work in layers of paint and collage, creating a surface that is pleasing and brings the viewers attention to explore the several levels of this process. I often start my work drawing a still life of everyday objects or shapes from nature.

Through my work, I wish to reveal qualities of musical or singing color to inspire the viewer’s sense of mystery spiritual and emotional feeling."

Anne Lise Kaaby


Anne Lise Kaaby Aas 
Born in Porsanger, northern Norway,
lived in USA for many years, residing in Dubai since 2007.
Education: High school, art-teacher course (Norway) 

Painting Education in USA
Basic drawing at North Light Artschool,
Watercolor Course at Houston community collage 1986

Oil painting at University of Houston.

Pastel Course(portrait), and Acrylic painting at
Art Leauge School and Gallery of Houston.

Represented at Agora-Gallery Soho, New York from 2001-2003. 

From 1990 exhibited in a diversity of galleries and
other places
in Houston, Texas and Oslo, Norway .

 Anne Lise Kaaby Aas 

Født og oppvokst i Porsanger
Bosatt i Dubai siden 2007, og har tidligere bodd 17 år i USA.

Basic drawing, North Light Art School, USA.
Akvarell: Houston community collage, USA
Oljemaling: University of Houston, USA
Pastell (portrett): 4 semestre og
Akryl/collage: 6 semestre – 
begge ved Art League of Houston, USA.
Forming: desentralisert  Kurs.

Min ekspresjonistiske uttrykksform er en 
kombinasjon av musikk, humor, surrealisme og kubisme. 
Arbeidsmetoden er som oftest blandingsteknikk,
hvor jeg kombinerer akryl og collage.

Røa Kunstforening 
Oslo Malerklubb 
Moss kunstforening